Repair sugar mill tools

Repairing parts in a sugar mill in Mauritius. Used materials are indicated on the photos.

Crusher plate

Sections of a crusher plate of manganese steel are subjected to heavy wear caused by minerals. Lastek 24 is a beautiful solution for repairs and creates an extra protection against this type of abrasive wear.

X-Ray quality: welding of heavily stressed constructions, pipe welding, pressure barrels, ship building,…? Lastek 1120 guarantees a perfect job producing welds of X-ray quality.

Tig welding on thin plate

A 3mm pipe is welded to a 0.5mm plate without the heath even damaging the fibers of the brush underneath it thanks to the performance of the brandnew TIG welder Vertigo.

Creating with Lastek

This tree made of Corten steel is welded with Lastek 11017.

Repair of gear teeth

Huge cost saving as a broken gear is not replaced but broken teeth are repaired, using Lastek 90 and Lastek 25.

Cracked exhaust manifold

A cracked exhaust manifold of a Chrysler PT Cruiser: repaired with one of our specialised cast iron electrodes.

Repair of an excavator bucket

Why replacing the teeth if you can make them new again by using Lastifil 600?

Repair of a gear box housing

A cast iron housing was shattered into several pieces and wasn´t available any more from the manufacturer. By using three different Lastek alloys, a new part was created even stronger than the original.