Lastek 12

Brazing rod for steel, maximum strength

Flux coated brazing rod containing silver, for joining steel, cast iron, copper, nickel alloys and hard metals.

Very high tensile strength.

Superior wetting action produces thin and smooth fillets with little or no finishing required.

Allows minimum joint preparation.

Ideal for carbide tipping.

Specifications & Usage


Steel tubing, machine parts, frames of bicycles.

Metallic furniture, medical apparatus.

Construction and repair of tools and dies.

Hardness: 180 - 200 HB.

Bonding temperature: 860 - 900 °C.

Working temperature: 850 °C.


Clean the weld areas.

Preheat with neutral flame until dark-red.

Apply Lastek 12 so that it penetrates into the joint.

A separate flux, Lastek 12A, applied on the working area, can still improve the penetration.


Welding proces: Brazing rod
Material Type: Copper (alloys)
Welding positions: NA
Norm : ISO 3677
Classification: B-Cu50ZnNiAg - 860/890
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a cardboard box