Lastek 231

Hardfacing electrode, tool steel

Special electrode for repair and construction of cutting tools.

The deposited metal has exceptional cutting characteristics. It doesn’t need to be hardened and is ready for use.

Substantial savings are obtained by repairing expensive dies and cutting tools. New cutting tools can be made by surfacing 700 N/mm² steel with Lastek 231.

Very good welding qualities, stable and consistent arc. Perfectly suited for surfacing narrow pieces.

Specifications & Usage


Twist drills, reamers, milling cutters, dies, moulds , knives for metal, leather, wood, synthetic material, paper, etc...

Pneumatic tools.

Construction of new dies and chisels.

Repair of machining defects of new tools.

Modification of existing dies.

Surfacing of machine parts such as cam shafts and toothed wheels.

Hardness: 61 - 63 HRC


Clean the parts (grinding or filing). Weld with short arc at the lowest possible amps. Electrode to be held at 90° to work piece. Do not weld on red-hot welds. Weld 2 to 3 layers on mild steel.

Preheating may be necessary for pieces with a complicated form sensitive to cracking. Preheat until a temperature at least equal to the tempering temperature of the piece which can vary from 200-650 °C (390-1200 °F). For thick layers the application of a base layer with Lastek 8000, 85, 90, 809 or 27 is recommended.

Heat treatment: Annealing: 780-820 °C (1430-1500 °F)

Hardening: 1270-1290 °C (2320-2350 °F), followed by cooling in an oil bath or by air

Tempering: 550-570 °C (1020-1060 °F)


Welding proces: Covered electrode (SMAW)
Material Type: Hard facing
Welding positions: PA, PB, PC
Norm : DIN 8555
Classification: E 4-60(65w)S-UM
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a plastic box