Lastek 24

Severe abrasion

High chromium – iron alloyed electrode for applications subject to severe abrasion as by sand, cement, mud and others …

Good bond on steel, cast steel, manganese steel.

Smooth deposit with very low friction coefficient.

Long beads.

Specifications & Usage


Dredger teeth, grab jaws, stirring tools, mixers, wearplates, dredge pump parts, centrifugal pumps, augers, tillage tools.

Hardness: 57-62 HRC


Electrode position: almost 90° to work piece.

Weld with a short arc and at lowest possible amperage to avoid dilution with the base material.

To obtain a crack-free coating: pre-heat material according to the instructions of the supplier.

For thick layers: Use Lastek 27 as base layer.


Welding proces: Covered electrode (SMAW)
Material Type: Hard facing
Welding positions: PA, PB, PC
Norm : EN ISO 14700
Classification: E Fe14
Norm: AWS A5.13
Classification: E FeCr-A1
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a plastic box