Lastifil 261 G

Stellite 21 welding wire

Corrosion resistant CoCrMo flux cored wire containing dispersed hard carbides which strengthen the alloy and increase its hardness but also decrease the ductility.

Lastifil 261G has excellent cavitation, galling and metal-to-metal sliding wear resistance. It is however not recommended for severe hard particle abrasion.

Lastifil 261G is resistant to oxidizing and reducing gaseous atmospheres up to 1150°C.

Specifications & Usage


Chemical and petrochemical valves.

Jet engines.

Valves in the petrochemical industry which are submitted to high temperatures in an environment where cavitation, erosion and corrosion is rife.

Medical applications.

Hardness after welding: 27 HRC.

When cooled down, the hardness increases up to 48 HRC.


Clean the surface by grinding and remove dirt, oil, paint, rust and other impurities.

If applied on crack sensitive steels, use a base layer of Lastifil 807 or Lastifil 85.

Preheat according to the information given by the supplier of the base material.


Welding proces: Mig/Mag welding (FCAW)
Material Type: Hard facing
Welding positions: All, except vertical down.
Norm : DIN 8555
Classification: MF 20-300/450-CKPTZ
Norm: AWS A5.21
Classification: ER CCoCr-E
Minimum packing: 15 kg spool (in a cardboard box)