Lastifil 10020

Solid welding wire for high strength steels

Lastifil 10020 is a solid, copper-plated wire for welding steels with high yield strength and tensile strength, such as S890QL, S960QL, S1100QL, HSLA steel, TMCP steel and QT steels.

Exceptional mechanical properties at low temperature (-40 °C).

Specifications & Usage


High strength steels for structures where the strength / weight ratio is very important.

Constructions subject to high stress, cranes, off-shore constructions, mobile constructions, ...

S890Q, S960Q, S890QL, S960QL, S1100QL.


Remove grease and impurities from the welding zone.

Respect pre-heating, interpass temperature and heat input depending on the base metal.


Welding proces: Mig/Mag welding (GMAW)
Material Type: Low alloyed steel
Welding positions: All
Norm : EN ISO 16834-A
Classification: G 89 4 M21 Mn4Ni2.5CrMo
Norm: AWS A5.28
Classification: ER 120S-G
Minimum packing: 15 kg spool (in a cardboard box)