Lastek 17

Welding galvanising baths in Armco-iron

Weld deposit with extra low carbon and silicon content.

Welding of mild steel that has to be Zinc coated.

Smooth welding beads.

Specifications & Usage


Lastek 17 can be used to weld Armco iron, that is resistant to molten zinc at 475 °C (887 °F) due to its low carbon and silicon content.

Lastek 17 is also useful for welding mild steel that has to be galvanised. The zinc coating will be more uniform than with other filler metals.


Lastek 17 can be welded in contact with the work piece.

Use a high welding speed, the electrode inclined at an angle of 60-70°.

Open circuit voltage 70 V minimum on AC.


Welding proces: Covered electrode (SMAW)
Material Type: Mild steel (unalloyed)
Welding positions: All, except vertical down.
Norm : EN ISO 2560-A
Classification: E 38 Z A 22
Norm: AWS A5.1
Classification: E 6020
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a plastic box