Lastek 170

Oxy-acetylene welding rod for mild steel

Welding rod with a free flowing molten pool that is very pure and easy to control.

Produces flat weld beads with no spattering.

X-ray quality.

Specifications & Usage


Construction and repair of pipes, central heating piping, joining sheet metal and tubular mild steel.


Use a neutral flame.

Heat the basemetal in the welding zone to a dull red color before melting the rod.

Do not remove the flame too quickly from the molten pool.


Welding proces: Oxyfuel welding
Material Type: Mild steel (unalloyed)
Welding positions: NA
Norm : EN 12536
Classification: O I
Norm: AWS A5.2
Classification: R45
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a cardboard box