Lastek 30 PA

Silver brazing paste

Low bonding temperature.

Used for furnace soldering in controlled atmosphere and for oxy-acetylene soldering.

High silver content.

Easy and economic to use.

Penetrates deeply in tight joints.

Specifications & Usage


Jewellery, wire cloth, chemical apparatus, electrical contacts, medical instruments, bicycle frames, hydraulic components, music instruments, hardmetal, …

Bonding temperature: 620°C (1150°F)

Electrical resistivity: 0.074 ohm.mm²/m (2.91 .10-6 ohms/in/in²)


Clean the joint area and apply the paste in the desired quantity in the joint gap.

Heat the joint area and the paste gradually to remove the binder (do not point the flame directly in the paste; take care that the paste is heated by conduction).

Flux and alloy will flow in the direction of the hottest part.

Stop heating and allow the alloy to solidify before removing any fixtures.

Remove flux residues in warm water.

When soldering large surfaces, apply the solder in lines or points, do not cover the whole surface with solder.

Take care that the solder flows from the inside of the joint to the outside.


Welding proces: Brazing rod
Material Type: Silver solder
Welding positions: NA
Norm: AWS A5.8
Classification: 2011-AMD1 BAg-1
Minimum packing: 30 ml in a syringe