Lastek 38

Silver solder for copperalloys

Very good bond on copper, brass and bronze.

No flux needed on pure copper.

Very economic use due to the high capillary flow and excellent fluidity.

Specifications & Usage


Joining of copper in machine construction, electric motors, hydraulic lines.

Joints in refrigeration installations.

Hardness: 180 HB

Bonding temperature: 680°C (1256°F)

Electrical resistivity: 0.14 ohm.mm²/m (0.00001 ohms/in/in²)


Joint clearances: 0.2mm (0.008") or less.

On pure copper no flux is needed.

Apply flux Lastek 31C (powder) or Lastek 31CN (paste) on brass and bronze.

Lastek 38 is not suitable for Ni or Al alloys, or for steels.


Welding proces: Brazing rod
Material Type: Silver solder
Welding positions: PA, PB
Norm : EN 1044
Classification: CP 102
Norm: AWS A5.8
Classification: B CuP-5
Minimum packing: 1 kg in a cardboard box