Lastek 1010

Spot welding of metal

Welding electrode used for spot welding of metals.

Replaces expensive spot welding- or other resistance welding machines, as well as most bolt-screw-nut joints and aluminium riveting.

Joins sheets with a total thickness of up to 10 mm (5 to 5 mm; 1 to 9 mm; …) with a complete penetration.

Also suitable for spotting (or riveting) sheets of 10mm or less to heavier work pieces without complete penetration.

Suitable for plating stainless steel on mild steel.

Specifications & Usage


Chemical industry (spot welding stainless steel sheet to profiles without drilling through the stainless steel sheet).

General workshops (e.g. gates where sheet on profiles have been fixed and that become frequently detached due to contact with forklifts).

Garages (e.g. hooks for fixing the canvas to lorries).



1. Keep the electrode perpendicular to the work piece.

2. Keep a very short arc and push the electrode into the molten pool.

3. As soon as the required penetration is obtained, retract the electrode a few mm to form the head of the "rivet".


Welding proces: Covered electrode (SMAW)
Material Type: Special applications
Welding positions: PA, PB, PC
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a plastic box