Lastek 8009

Exceptional corrosion resistance in seawater

Special electrode for joining and surfacing of stainless steel type ’904L’.

Exceptional resistance against seawater corrosion. (Far higher than normal 316 or 316L stainless steel.) Also very good corrosion resistance against sulphuric acid of all concentrations up to a temperature of 50 °C (122 °F). Caustic soda, most organic acids and even hydrochloric acid will cause no corrosion problems at room temperature.

Because of the low carbon content of the weld deposit there is no danger for intergranular corrosion.

Excellent weldability because of a very stable arc and easily removable slag. Spatter free and porous free welding.

Efficiency: 160%.

Specifications & Usage


Seawater resistant overlays and joints (e.g. shipbuilding). Chemical, food, pulp and paper industries. Pickling tanks, cooling towers, constructions for steel surface treatment, pumps, mixers, vessels, pipes, seawater heat exchangers, etc...

Applicable for steel types Uranus B6, Uddeholm 904L, Sandvik 2RK65, DIN Nr 1.4500, 1.4505, 1.4506, 1.4531, 1.4536, 1.4539, 1.4585, 1.4586.


Clean weld area. Weld with a short arc and low amperage.

Welding Uddeholm 904L, Uranus B6 a.o. should be done only after thoroughly cleaning and with lowest possible heat input.

Deposit narrow stringer beads, remove slag between passes, avoid weaving.

Use an intermittent welding sequence to prevent overheating.

Keep the interpass temperature below 100 °C (212 °F).


Welding proces: Covered electrode (SMAW)
Material Type: Stainless steel
Welding positions: All, except vertical down.
Norm : EN ISO 3581-A
Classification: E 20 25 5 Cu LR 52
Norm: AWS A5.4
Classification: E 385-16
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a plastic box