Lastifil 804

Solid welding wire for stainless steel 316L

Solid welding wire for semi or fully automatic welding of stabilized and/or low carbon austenitic stainless steels of the 18/8 Mo variety.

It provides excellent resistance against pitting type corrosion and exhibits outstanding intergranular corrosion resistance up to 350 °C (660 °F).

Welds are porosity free.

The surface quality of this wire guarantees trouble free wire feeding.

Specifications & Usage


Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Applications where chlorine ions can be encountered.

Marine environment applications.

Dairy and food processing equipment.


Welding proces: Mig/Mag welding (GMAW)
Material Type: Stainless steel
Welding positions: All
Norm : EN ISO 14343-A
Classification: G 19 12 3 L Si
Norm: AWS A5.9
Classification: ER 316LSi
Minimum packing: 15 kg spool (in a cardboard box)