Lastifil 77

Welding of AlMg 5

Aluminium-Magnesium welding wire for MIG welding AlMg5, AlMgSi1 and hardenable alloys such as AlZnMg.

Excellent resistance against corrosion by seawater.

Usable in a temperature range from -196°C (-320°F) to +100°C (210°F).

Suitable for anodizing. (No darkening when the basemetal doesn’t contain Si).

Specifications & Usage


Welding AlMg5, AlMg2Mn0.8, AlMg2.7Mn, AlMg3, AlMg4.5Mn, AlMgSi1, AlMgSi0.5, AlZnMg1.

Containers, yacht building, truck bodies, etc..

Hardness: 70 HB.


Clean the workpieces very carefully.

Workpieces thicker than 15mm can be preheated up to 150°C (300°F).

Use appropriate driving wheels for Al wire in the wire feeder.

For smaller wire diameters it’s preferable to use a push-pull torch.


Welding proces: Mig/Mag welding (GMAW)
Material Type: Aluminium
Welding positions: All
Norm : EN ISO 18273
Classification: S Al 5356 (AlMg5)
Norm: AWS A5.10
Classification: ER 5356
Minimum packing: 7 kg spool (in a cardboard box)