Lastek 780

Welding of hardenable aluminum plates and profiles

Welding rod for TIG welding of aluminum alloys.

Particularly suitable for welding heat-treatable aluminum grades (AA 6000 series).

The deposit is hardly tear susceptible when welding curable aluminum alloys and hot crack-sensitive aluminum alloys.

For welding AlMg alloys with a high Mg content, the use of Lastek 77 is recommended for strength reasons.

Do not use when the welded parts have to be anodized after welding because the welds turn dark when anodized.

Specifications & Usage


Welding of AA6060; AA6082; AlMgSi0.5; AlMgSi0.7; AlMgSi1; AlMg1SiCu; G-AlSi7Mg; G-AlSi5Mg; G-AlSi6Cu4 and dissimilar aluminum alloys.


Clean the welding zone well.

Avoid moisture and contamination of the welding rod by e.g. skin fat, to avoid hydrogen porosity. Work in a clean and dry environment.

Use high purity Argon (EN ISO 14175: I1) as shielding gas.

TIG welding of aluminum alloys is done with alternating current (AC).

As a tungsten electrode, the use of an electrode with turquoise or golden head color is recommended.


Welding proces: Tig welding (GTAW)
Material Type: Aluminium
Welding positions: NA
Norm : DIN 1732
Classification: SG-AlSi5
Norm: AWS A5.10
Classification: ER 4043
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a cardboard box