Lastek 503

Seawater resistant

Alloy for TIG welding of copper-nickel alloys with 10-30% nickel (Cunifer) or for joining these alloys to other nickel alloys.

High corrosion and erosion resistance in seawater.

Surfacing of steel and cast iron.

High purity weld deposit.

Porous free welds, with high toughness.

Specifications & Usage


Seawater condenser pipes, desalination plants, chemical industry, heat exchangers.


Always thoroughly remove oil and grease.

During welding of copper-nickel alloys, take into consideration the relatively poor thermal conductivity of these alloys (contrary to pure copper). Therefore welding should be done fast and with a small melting pool without preheating.


Welding proces: Tig welding (GTAW)
Material Type: Copper (alloys)
Norm : EN ISO 24373
Classification: CuNi30Mn1FeTi
Norm: DIN 1733
Classification: SG CuNi30Fe
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a cardboard box