Lastek 53

Welding pure copper

Copper-silver alloy for oxyacetylene or TIG welding of red copper.

The weld metal is tough and can be deformed without danger for cracking.

High electrical conductivity.

The high silver content gives to the deposit a higher softening point, making this rod excellent for rebuilding electrical contacts.

Specifications & Usage


Copper kettles, boilers, tubes, joinings of electrical conductors, refacing electrical contacts.

Food industry.

Hardness: 60 HB

Bonding temperature: 900 °C (1650 °F)

Electrical resistivity: 0.022 to 0.033 ohm.mm²/m


Clean the pieces thoroughly, eliminate oil and grease.

Weld with a neutral flame and use the flux Lastek 53A.

Preheat larger work pieces in red copper up to 350-600 °C (660-1110 °F).

Use a torch tip one or two sizes larger than you would use on steel of equivalent thickness.


Welding proces: Tig welding (GTAW)
Material Type: Copper (alloys)
Welding positions: NA
Norm : EN ISO 24373
Classification: Cu 1897 CuAg1
Norm: AWS A5.7
Classification: ER Cu
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a cardboard box