Lastek 909 C

High degree of polishing in abrasive media

Hardfacing rod for TIG and oxy-acetylene welding. Used without flux.

Can only be machined by grinding, but mostly the alloy flows so good that almost no finishing is needed.

Lastek 909C has a very high corrosion resistance (to acids and to oxidation).

Can be used at extremely high temperatures (where also the hardness remains very high).

Very good resistance to abrasion.

Especially recommended for friction of metal on metal.

Lastek 909C obtains a high degree of polishing by using it in clay and cement.

Specifications & Usage


Augers, plungers, shafts, packing rings of pumps, tooth of driving wheels, exhaust valves, tumblers.

The chemical industry, the cement industry, brick kilns, etc...

Hardness: 56-62 HRC

Hardness at elevated temperatures: ± 51 HRC at 400 °C (750 °F)

± 41 HRC at 500 °C (930 °F)

Melting range: 980-1110 °C (1800-2030 °F)


TIG-process is recommended.

When using an oxyacetylene torch no flux is required. Use a carburizing flame.

For hardened base metals preheating could be necessary or applying a base layer with Lastek 982.

With difficult to wet metals a first layer with powder P902 (Lastispray) can be usefull.


Welding proces: Tig welding (GTAW)
Material Type: Hard facing
Welding positions: NA
Norm : DIN 8555T1
Classification: WSG 22-60
Norm: AWS A5.13
Classification: E NiCr-C
Minimum packing: 5 kg in a plastic box