Corrosion resistant spraying powder

Very hard nickel base metal spray powder that combines wear resistance with excellent corrosion resistance (due to Mo and Cu additions).

Despite its hardness, the deposit also withstands impact loading.

The powder is less fluid than P909, permitting a thicker build-up.

Resistant against seawater, diluted acids (sulphuric-, phosphoric acid).

It can only be finished by grinding.

Specifications & Usage


Cutting knives, pump and turbine sleeves, valve seats, fan blades, wire drawing tools, mixing equipment in chemical and fertilizer industry, textile spindles.

Hardness: 54 - 60 HRC

Fusing temperature: 980 - 1010 °C (1796 - 1850 °F)

Density of the deposit: 7.5 g/cm³ (0.271 lb/cu.in)


The surface to be hard faced should be degreased and free of dirt. If grit blasting is used for surface preparation all residues have to be removed by a metal wire brush.

Do not touch prepared surfaces with fingers.

Preheat the work piece up to 300 °C (572 °F) and deposit a thin layer to avoid oxidation.

Heat locally up to red-hot to ensure a good bond and spray more powder to obtain the required thickness. Spraying and melting of P905 should be done alternately.


Welding proces: Spraying powder
Material Type: Hot spraying
Welding positions: NA
Minimum packing: 1 kg in a plastic container