Spraying powder with tungsten carbides - highest abrasion resistance

Hard facing powder for ’spray and fuse’ torches as Lastispray.

P910 is a mixture of NiCr base powder with a very high percentage of tungsten carbide particles.

The NiCr matrix yields an excellent corrosion resistance against many acids (reducing media) and a high hardness.

The special tungsten carbide particles guarantee an excellent wear resistance of the deposit against the abrasive action of sand, minerals and so on.

P910 flows well on all pieces, very massive pieces and thin edges.

Specifications & Usage


Brick kilns, centrifugal separators, fan blades in cement factories, ploughshares, rotary hoes, chopping blades, mixers in ceramic industry, rollers and guides in the steel industry.

Grain size: 20 – 53 μ

Hardness matrix : 62 – 65 HRC

Hardness carbide(s) : 9 Mohs

Density (as fused): 12.20 g/cm³


The surface to be hard faced should be degreased and free of dirt.

If grit blasting is used for surface preparation all residues have to be removed by a metal wire brush. Do not touch prepared surfaces with fingers.

Preheat the work piece up to 300 °C (572 °F) and deposit a thin layer to avoid oxidation.

Heat locally up to red-hot to ensure a good bond and spray more powder to obtain the required thickness. Spraying and melting of P910 should be done alternately.


Welding proces: Spraying powder
Material Type: Hot spraying
Welding positions: NA
Minimum packing: 1 kg in a plastic container