Cold spraying powder for metal to metal wear

P923 is a spraying powder to be used with the Lastigun cold spray method.

It has an excellent wear resistance on sliding surfaces and bearings.

The unsealed deposit can retain oil, releasing it as needed to fight friction.

It can easily be machined with the standard hardmetal tools (ISO K10).

The deposit is oxidation resistant up to temperatures of about 450 °C (840 °F).

Specifications & Usage


All lubricated sliding surfaces, bearing areas, pistons, valve stems.

All other machine parts that have to be machined with tungsten carbide tools after spraying.

Hardness: 140-200 HB

Density of the deposit: 7.9 g/cm³ (0.286 lb/cu.in)


Always spray a bond coat with P921 on the correctly prepared surface (see instructions P921). Follow immediately with the capping layers of P923 (at the correct spraying temperature of 100 to max 250 °C (210-480 °F)). P923 can be build up in thicknesses up to 4 mm (0.16").

Flame settings: neutral flame - oxygen pressure 4 kg/cm² (57psi) - acetylene pressure 0.3 to 0.4 kg/cm² (4.3-5.7 psi) (tips n° 3 or 5). Distance between nozzle and work piece approx. 15 cm (6"), torch perpendicular to the sprayed surface.


Welding proces: Spraying powder
Material Type: Cold Spraying
Welding positions: NA
Minimum packing: 1 kg in a plastic container