Replacement for chrome plating on plungers

Self-adhesive (one step) cold spraying powder with a good abrasion resistance to be used with Lastigun.

A base layer with P921 is not necessary on roughened, grit blasted or grooved surfaces.

The sprayed alloy is resistant against corrosion by water, humidity and many chemicals (comparable with Inconel®).

The one step spraying technique is very economical as you need only one powder.

Specifications & Usage


Suitable for spraying worn out bearing surfaces on pump shafts, sealing rings, washers and so on.

Repairing chrome plated plungers for lifting truck platforms and containers.

Hardness: 180 - 260 HB when sprayed and still hot

360 - 400 HB when cooled down and after machining


Remove all traces of oil and grease.

To get a good bond it is recommended to treat the surface with corundum (1.0 - 1.4 mm), if possible combined with a threaded surface.


Welding proces: Spraying powder
Material Type: Cold Spraying
Welding positions: NA
Minimum packing: 1 kg in a plastic container