Lastifil 20 TB

Basic flux cored wire

Lastifil 20TB is low hydrogen flux cored copper coated seamless wire for welding mild and low alloyed steels.

The basic flux in the core guarantees good low temperature impact properties.

Lastifil 20 TB gives no spatters and has an excellent slag release.

The wire is copper coated for better feeding characteristics and is hermetically closed so that moisture pick up is avoided.

Specifications & Usage


Welding load-bearing and dynamically loaded structures.

Welding structural steel (S235 to S355) and low alloy steel with tensile strength up to 600 N/mm².

Structural steel: S185, S235 - S355 (EN 10025).

Boiler plate: P235GH, P265GH, P295GH (EN 10028-2).

Pipe steel: P235T1 - P355N (EN 10217-1); P235T2 - P355N (EN 10217-3); StE290.7TM - StE480.7TM (EN 10208-2).

API steel: X42 - X70.

Fine grain steel: StE355 - StE460 (EN 10028-3).

Hull steel grade A, B, D, E, AH32 - EH36.


Shielding gas: 10-15 l/min.

Use a stick out of 20 to 25 mm (0.8-1 inch) in function of the diameter.

Before welding the next layer, the thin almost self-releasing slag from the previous layer must be removed.


Welding proces: Mig/Mag welding (FCAW)
Material Type: Mild steel (unalloyed)
Welding positions: PA, PB, PC, PF
Norm : EN ISO 17632-A
Classification: T 46 6 B M 3 H5
Norm: AWS A5.20
Classification: E 70T-5M-J H4
Minimum packing: 16 kg spool (in a cardboard box)